Sat, Sep 13 2014 - Cohuttas / Jack’s River via Rice Camp Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Grant Brown
Participants:Grant Brown, Kristi, Pete Sadel, Luke Warren, Niki, Kristina, Agnieszka S, Jim M, Ron Richardson, Fiona R, Lysa, Rodney R

Write Up:

An amazing weekend in the Cohutta Wilderness with some old friends, trail buddies and new people!  The weather forecasts threatened rain all week, but we dodged it, with just light overcast skies, some sun coming in a bit (stars at night), and moderate temperatures.  The hike through some of the creek crossings was pretty tricky and slippery but we all made it down to the camp site, adjacent to the Jack's River; it was ready and waiting for our group.  Late Saturday afternoon we visited the Jack River Falls, had the place to ourselves. Grant provided some photography instruction. The falls were powerful and the water invigorating.  Back at camp, a few of us watched dusk come upon the area from the banks of the river, chatting and sipping some nice beverages.  Luke started playing guitar and singing, shortly thereafter Grant joined him, and we all got to experience music magic in the woods.  Thank you both so much; it was wonderful.  The fire was kept - also magically - burning under Ron's watch.  The wood kept coming.  Sunday's hike out was peaceful and we hung out at the cars, still enjoying the woods, with cold beers - thank you very much Grant.   We all look forward to more backpacking trips with each other, and hopefully will hear more from the Two Tall Guitar Players!  ;-)

Photos from Grant:

and a few from Kristi: