Wed, Oct 1 2014 - Big Frog Mountain Licklog Ridge Loop (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Armin, Larry Cooper
Participants:Lesley, Lakshman, Larry Cooper, Dharma, Helena F, Robin, Armin, Jemcy S

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Write Up:

Providence at work. Due to multiple miscommunications we arrived at Copper Hill, TN two hours late. Just in time for the sun to burn off the fog and give us a glorious day with cool temps. A group of experienced and fun hikers conquered the Big Frog. The frog put up a lot of resistance but we prevailed  in the end, averaging 2.4 mph while hiking with only a few breaks. Armin did a great job of sweeping proving that he doesn’t always have to go fast. He did stop once for a 10 minute meditation so that he could go fast to catch us. The return loop on Licklog Trail was a lot like bushwhacking due to major overgrowth. Everybody gave a little blood but no major injuries. All in all a great day!