Sat, Nov 1 2014 - Dockery Lake to Preaching Rock, via Appalachian Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Thomas W.
Participants:Thomas W., Heidi W., Kristi, Ann, Ralph Howard, Adel, Mark W, Peter, Jean, Rachel L

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Write Up:

My wife picked out a great hike today, although, it was quite cold and windy.  If you were not prepared for the winds gusts of 40 mph on the ridgeline, some might have called it down right crazy. We had a fabulous group of 10 intrepid souls who decided to brave these weather conditions.  We had a little bit of everything on this exploratory hike.  We encountered a downed tree on the way in on the forest road, but everyone was flexible (really, what else could we be?), and hiked an extra half mile in to begin our hike.  We had sleet, wind, snow, and our fearless leader, Shiloh (a beautiful Boxer/Weimaraner mix) who lead most of the hike.  (And, I thought I was the trip leader!) :-)  Since this was my first time to Dockery Lake, the event was listed as exploratory.  Thanks to the group for their patience with the extra mileage.  Thanks, too, for the guidance from Kristi whose write up I used and who had previously lead this hike.  We found both the Appalachian Trail and Preacher's Rock just beyond where we were expecting them to be.  On our return back, we encountered a 70-year-old thru hiker whose wife of 52 years was waiting to pick him up at the road.  We arrived safely back to our cars, where we were so happy to have heat.  We had a great Mexican meal and conversation at Pueblo's in Dahlonega.  I hope to see everyone again soon!