Sat, Nov 29 2014 - Whiteside Mountain + Scaly Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Dorothea, Larry Cooper
Participants:Dorothea, Larry Cooper, John Stirman, Heidi W., Thomas W., Greg Walling, Mark W

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Write Up:

The weather was absolutely perfect for our event today. Whiteside has some of the best views in the country; which means the parking lot was crowded. But we were early and got the last two places. Of course upon leaving to go to Scaly Mt. Thomas has to back out half a mile due to cars parked on both sides of the entry road. The ascent and decent were covered with ice which made the going slow and slippery but the views from the top were worth it. And John didn’t fall even once! On the way to Scaly we stopped at a marvelous bakery (location undisclosed) where Heidi bought hot chocolate pumpkin pound cake and muffins with Thomas’s money. After the delicious snack we charged straight up Scaly Mountain off trail until it got too rough. Then we back tracked and tried the Bartram trail which was much easier. Great views from the top but none can match Whiteside. Had a quick lunch at the top hastened by a cold wind then continued on down the backside of Scaly. At the appointed time we reversed our steps and headed to Pachanga for a delicious dinner. John amazed us with how much he ate and Greg impressed us by consuming a 40 oz. beer. A grand time by all.