Mon, Dec 1 2014 - Garland Mountain - Both Old and New Trails! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Joyce T.
Participants:John Stirman, Joyce T., Suzanne, Janet G, Doug, Larry Cooper, Diane, Sunae, Charlie Cottingham, Bobby Marie

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Write Up:

It's really amazing that the trails at Garland Mt. aren't hiked more often by folks in the AOC.  The trails are wide and lovely, making maneuvering around the occasional horse droppings a playful dance!  We saw some beautiful ferns, creeping cedar, moss, pipsissewa (Charlie identified it!), and a captivating tree gnome created with horsehair and painted plaster. We also saw a metal cross that seemed to be a memorial to a motor cyclist and a stern warning about staying out of the property infested with Lliquidambar Syraciflua!  (They couldn't scare us!  That's the Latin name for Sweet Gum Trees.) 

Upon returning to the parking lot, we met a very friendly representative of the Friends of Garland Mountain who eagerly welcomed the AOC to partner with her group to maintain the trails for hiking and equestrian use.  

Lunch at SWheat was terrific, as always.  (The name "SWheat" is a combination of "wheat" and "sweet" - - a haphazard word combination that somehow stuck.)  In addition to individual lunches, the group shared their sweet potato fries, pickled cucumbers, and warmed buttermilk cake (with chocolate frosting). It was a delicious ending to a wonderful AOC event. ~ Joyce