Sat, Jun 7 2008 - Panthertown Valley (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Michael Johnson, Bob Bunner
Participants:Bob Bunner, Michael Johnson, Ty Williams, Kim Williams, Jon Miner, Connie Weber, Marissa M, Megan H, Ann, Ralph Howard, Ale, James Manfull

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Write Up:
This was an eventful backpacking trip: we had sun, we had a pretty severe injury, we had beautiful scenery and a nice waterfall to cool off in. After hiking down into the Valley and setting up camp, Kim and Ty joined us for our fateful hike up Cold Mountain. We spent some time near the bottom of a waterfall, crossed a stream and then began an arduous journey through overgrown rhododendrons, ducking limbs and climbing over fallen limbs. Ty lost his footing during our ascent and severely twisted his knee. Then he lost consciousness. Oh, shit! But, here comes the good part. Collectively, we kept our heads, raised Ty's legs so that blood would flow back to his head. We were about 4 miles from our cars. James and Mike gave Ty support as we slowly made it back down through the rhodies and onto an old road that eventually led to our cars. Ty did the rest. It turns out that Ty walked under his own power for several miles with a broken knee. He gritted it out. Kim says that after he recovers, he's looking forward to joining us again on a trail. That evening we had a great fire that Marissa stoked, despite the lack of encouragement from the peanut gallery (that would be me), and everyone gathered around and swapped stories. The next day we were treated to the summit of Little Green Mountain, in the shadow of Cold Mountain, and the beautiful views from the rock outcroppings along the top of the mountain. We saw some wild azaleas in bloom, but the real scenic feature was the valley and the surrounding mountains. Then we tromped back down the mountain toward our campsite and stopped off at Schoolhouse Falls, where nearly everyone went for a swim and a brief shower in the falls. The temperature was probably in the 90's, but a whole lot cooler in the water. On the way home, we discovered a delicious lunch spot in Cashiers, the Lamplighter Cafe. Try the crunchy Reuben, which they make with Grouper, the Stacker (a more traditional Reuben), or the veggie something or other (ask Marissa). It was a great and exciting trip. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves. And everyone wishes Ty a speedy recovery.