Sat, Jan 10 2015 - Chattooga River Trail Backpacking (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Scott Kozlowski
Participants:Kristi, Scott Kozlowski, Michael Johnson, Sarah Y, Silvia, Nikita, Mike Pawloski, Todd M, Tracy Lynch, Ryan, Kevin, Charles

Write Up:

Beautiful sunny and cold day on Saturday; great for our trek into the wilderness and for gathering lots of firewood.  12 hikers and 2 dogs (Cedar and Bailey).  The firewood gathering included a lot of sawing by the guys; lots of energy expended. We all appreciated it so much. After getting all the wood situated, the group headed over to the nearby Lick Log water falls before returning and settling in close to the fire as the temperatures and sun began to fall.  The evening musical festivities began just after dusk, continued with many of us adding our bits to Scott's guitar, Michael J's harmonica, Todd's harmonica, Michael P's and Kevin's voices, along with Kevin and Kristi providing persussion.  Very fun night of music, dancing, and laughter.  Good eats and drinks circled round the group most of the evening.  Special call out to Chuck - his first event with the AOC!  The temps dropped to about 15, making for a chilly start on Sunday.  A bit of cloud coverage began to build as we hiked out.  Lunched in Clayton.  Thanks to all for coming out on a cold winter weekend; we all made it a great time!  -Kristi.