Sun, Sep 7 2003 - Tubing the Chattahoochee in Helen, Ga (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Sharon Baldwin, , Priscilla Nation, Steve Henderson, Rene Barefoot, John Weber, Debra Irwin, Steve, Pamela L Haston, Jason Tweedell, Michael Aubertine, Carolyn Forestiere Mikow, Asher Mikow, Rhonda Scheurer, Dana Winkler, Geoff Mueller, Helen Tarleton, Udo Licht, Vicki Luibrand, Deliana Kostova, Gabe DElena, Catherine Feely, Jennie Agerton, Chris Eskridge, Shari Mattox, Kang Wang, Chad Carlson, Bradley Koeppel, Wilder Grumman

Write Up:
We got off to a bit of a late start for tubing because our illustrious leader (ie. me) came into town from North Carolina, and accidentally waited at the wrong Cool River outlet. The gang was really great about it, though, and assured me it was for the best because it was a cool day, and it was warmer when we got started than it would have been if wed started on time. We had a much smaller crowd than expected - there were only six of us who went - probably because of the weather. It was still a great trip - lots of fun and laughs. Afterwards, Geoff and I hung out in Helen for a while, and the others headed back to Atlanta and had BBQ.
Written By: Rhonda Scheurrer
Photos From: none