Mon, Feb 16 2015 - 10K Hike (6.2 miles Hike - Not a Run) at Columns aka Cochran Shoals to Sope Creek Hike - Starting at Columns Drive (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G
Participants:Libby G, Jeff, Michelle D, Suzanne, Norm Melton, Kathleen, greg, Jane Z, Mike

Write Up:

Gotta love it when the weatherpeople get it wrong.  Such was the case today (no snow, no ice, and not really all that cold).  We had a good hike on this Presidents' Day Holiday.  Thanks to Michelle, Norm, and Jeff for being my sounding boards this morning in trying to determine the "Go" or "No Go" decision.  Several high school runners were out running the same trail we took and they swiftly passed us by although we were going at a nice clip.  Thanks to all for coming out and braving the weather.