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Required when caving with the AOC

  • Helmet with chin straps and securely mounted, VERY BRIGHT water resistant headlamp.
    (If you don't have either one of these, check the event page about renting one or check below for specifications on purchasing your own.)
  • 4 AA-size Alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH Rechargable batteries. (Do not buy the cheaper "Heavy Duty" ones. They won't last as long. You'll need 4 more for back-up puposes. These are for the helmet lights if you're renting.)
  • A small flashlight to be used as a backup light. Verify before you leave for the event that your backup light works.
  • A min. of 2L of drinking water
  • Old clothes that can get wet, dirty and scuffed. The temperature inside the cave will be 58 degrees, so if you are cold natured, a lightweight jacket might be best. Wearing synthetic material may be advised.
  • Hiking boots or Trekking shoes with good tread (no smooth soles).
  • Knee pads (soft only, no hard plastic)
  • Large plastic garbage bag (used to put your dirty/wet clothes into)
  • Gloves (The cheap gardening gloves with the little rubber beads are popular to use. Very tight gloves can be difficult to take off when they get wet and muddy and you are trying to take pictures.)
  • A small day pack or fanny pack (This will hold water, snacks, flashlight, and anything else you want to bring in the cave with you. You need to be able to keep your hands free.)

Recommended when caving with the AOC

  • Clean Clothes to change into after exiting the cave.
  • Wool or Synthetic Socks (These will help your feet stay warm when they get wet. Cotton is not recommended.)
  • A fleece jacket to wear when resting in the cave.
  • A large towel to wrap around you for modesty while you’re changing clothes. (Most cave locations do not have changing rooms)
  • Lunch and snacks (Depending on how long the group plans to be in the cave. Granola or power bars work well.)

Other items you may want when caving with the AOC

  • Camera
  • Padded camera bag (It will get dirty, so be prepared)
  • A small towel/cloth to clean your hands when using the camera.

Think we forgot something from one of our lists? Let us know.