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Beginner Backpacking In Panthertown Valley w/ 8+ Waterfalls

The Basics:
Event Type:Backpacking
Event Location: Panthertown Valley (Cashiers, NC)   Backpacking: Beginner Backpacking In Panthertown Valley w/ 8+ Waterfalls  National Weather Service Forecast
Date(s) & Time:Sat, Apr 22 2017  7:00 am >> Sun, Apr 23 2017 5:00 pm  (Carpool Departure: 7:00 am   *log in for location*)
Registration Opens: Sat, Apr 1 2017 12:00 pm
Registration Cut Off: Fri, Apr 21 2017 6:00 pm
Event Duration:1 Days 10 Hours
Difficulty Rating:D3: Moderate
Distance:18 Miles
Trip Leader(s):
Nate Johnson
Chad C
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Member Cost:None

Participant Info:
Who's Invited: Members Only, 21 And Older Only
Maximum Group Size:12
Minimum Group Size:2
Number Registered So Far: 8 / 0 (To see who's signed up, log in to the Member Area)
Are Dogs Permitted: Yes


Come and find out why Panthertown Valley ( is referred to as the Yosemite of the East. This backpacking event is great for anyone that is new to backpacking along with those with more experience who are welcome to join (keep in mind this is a D3). You need to comfortable hiking 8-10 miles a day with some a few hills. If you are allergic to water, please do not sign up since there are several water crossings (normally ankle to knee depth depending on weather).

The carpool will leave SATURDAY MORNING AT 7:00 AM. For anyone that likes to arrive fashionably late, you will only find a fashionably desolate parking lot. It is about a 2.5 hour drive to Cashiers NC and the west parking lot. Upon arrival we will hike to Wilderness Falls, Frolictown Falls, Granny Burrell Falls, Greenland Creek Falls, Mac's Falls (maybe) and Pothole Falls (maybe). before making our way to the campsite for Saturday Night. If you were counting that is 4-6 waterfalls over ~8 miles. We will have breaks at each waterfall to take in the scenery and rest for ~15 minutes.

Sunday we will wake up again at a reasonable hour and get on the trail by 9am-ish. We will see Schoolhouse Falls, Riding Ford Falls, Jawbone Falls & Warden's Falls. We will need to ford the river (again for the last time) and proceed to climb out of the valley with a a great view from the Overlook before returning to the cars. On the way back home we will make a lunch stop in Clayton.

If you were counting that 8-10 waterfalls.  I have 2 falls listed as maybe because on prevoius trips to the area I have not located the side trail to see Mac's Falls & Pothole Falls.  Hopefully this will be the trip.

Panthertown Valley has a maze of trails so we WILL be collecting the group at every intersection. The trails are well maintained with abundant natural beauty.

A few important things to remember before signing up:
- Saturday will be a pretty easy hike. Being a VALLEY we will be hiking down to the bottom. and then across to the east parking lot. There are (several) water crossings and few spots on the trail that can be a little challenging navigating over wet rocks by the water.
- Sunday requires us to hike out of the VALLEY. There are a sections that is very strenuous (you will know when we get to them).
- Dogs are permitted. Aggressive dogs (and backpackers) are not acceptable. If you hate the smell of wet dog, you may want to find another hike since odds are there will be wet dog.

Required Items to Bring:

- Food for 1 X Lunch (will break at a shelter in the valley), 1 X Dinner & 1 X Breakfast plus plenty of snacks.  Plus $$$ for Lunch Sunday.

- Backpack, after all, this is a backpacking event!

- Change of dry clothes... or two (for the love of God bring a change of clothes)!

- Sleeping bag, tent, hammock, camp chair, futon, etc to relax in.

- All the standard backpacking gear... Knife, rope, shovel, rain gear, duct tape, bug spray, sun screen, personal items, stove, pot (for cooking; NC is not CO), first aid kit, flashlight, etc, etc, etc.

- Water.  You do NOT need enough for the entire trip.  There will also be at least 1 Steripen available to purify water on trail.  Since we are going to see more waterfalls than you can shake a stick at, I suspec there will be no shortage of finding place to purify water.

Recommended Items to Bring:
Use our Event Checklists to make sure you have everything you need.

- Adult Beverage(s) For The Trip Leader.

- Camera?

- Guitar and/or Ukulele?

- Adult Beverage(s) To Drink?

- 80" Plasma TV? 

- iPod, iPad, etc?

- Campsite Decorations?

- Firewood?

- Swimsuit?

- Giant Bear Suit?

- I really don't care what you want to bring with.  But whatever you have to enjoy the great outdoors has to be carried out!

How to Get There:
Event Directions:

I85 North => I985 / US23 North ~95 miles

Turn RIGHT onto State Hwy 106 for ~15 miles (This road is just before you reach NC)

Turn Right onto US 64 E for ~12 miles.

Past Cashiers Turn LEFT on Cedar Creek Rd

Turn Right on Breedlove Rd

When the Pavement Turns to Gravel, you are almost there.  IF you go too far there is a cliff.  

The coordinates are 35.168293 (Latitude) & -83.039846 (Longitude).  If you plan to drive and meet us there or lead a carpool, please be familiar with the route.  Cell phone coverage is spotty near Cashiers.  

Carpool to Event Distance (round trip):260Mile(s)
Carpool Departure Time: 7:00 am
Carpool Location:   Log in for location
Carpool Directions:   Log in for directions
Carpool Cost: Estimated cost per vehicle for this event is $104.00 using a reimbursement rate guideline of $0.400 per mile. The total amount should be divided by the number of people in the vehicle, including the driver. This is a guideline, not a rule, for drivers but the cost should not be higher unless there are extenuating circumstances.

* We encourage all members to follow our Etiquette Guidelines while participating in AOC events.

Cancellation/Partial Attendance:   Please review the AOC cancellation policy.