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REGISTRATION & PAYMENT REQUIRED: Once you've reviewed the event details, and decided you'd like to join us, you MUST sign up at the bottom of this page. This is a paid event with payment managed by the trip leader(s) and NOT the AOC. Please read the event description carefully for payment details and instructions.


The Basics:
Event Type:Adventure
Event Location: Peru
Date(s) & Time:Thu, Sep 5 2019  4:30 pm >> Mon, Sep 16 2019 6:30 pm
Registration Opens: Sun, Mar 3 2019 8:30 pm
Registration Cut Off: Sun, Mar 3 2019 8:30 pm
Event Duration:11 Days 2 Hours
Difficulty Rating:D6: Advanced (Exploratory)
Distance:34 Miles
Trip Leader(s):
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Member Cost:$1,475.00/Person (See Detailed Cost Info Below)

Participant Info:
Who's Invited: Members Only, 21 And Older Only
Maximum Group Size:8
Minimum Group Size:6
Number Registered So Far: 8 / 0 (To see who's signed up, log in to the Member Area)
Are Dogs Permitted: No

Note: This is an "EXPLORATORY" trip. This means that there are parts of this trip, or perhaps the whole trip, that is new to your Trip Leader(s). However, they are confident that this will not be an issue.
This note is here so that you can make an informed decision. When a Trip Leader isn't personally familiar with a trip, there is an increased chance of things not going as planned and you need to be prepared. The Trip Leader may have additional details in the itinerary.



The above picture is what is seen on day six below (day three of actual trek) looking back up toward Salkantay we have skirted around to the left.

Notice: This web page is designed so that you can only put yourself on the waiting list. Once I verify that you satisfy the registration requirements I will move you to the list of participants. See registration requirements below.




Discover the remote Ahobamba Valley between Machu Picchu and the great Salkantay Mountain.  Only one trekking company is allowed to lead this once in a lifetime journey.  Nathan Heald is a legend mountain climber in the Andes.  He has partnered with an elderly Inca woman, Dona Lucillas, whose family has owned a key part of the valley for hundereds of years. Here is the website that provides additional info.: 

Note: We are not climbing Salkantay, but this is a D6 because the trail is steep at times and goes up to 16,500 ft.  There is no scrambling, climbing or climbing equipment needed.  We will properly acclimate at 11,000 ft. in Cusco for three nights/two days and then 13,500 for 18 hrs. before ascending to 16,500 ft.. 

Also, each night we will be sleeping inside so no tent is needed. (check out above Ahobamba web site.)



Day One: Leave Atlanta to Lima, Peru in the evening. There are no evening flights to Cusco, so we will have to spend the night in Lima.

Day Two: Arrive in Cusco in the morning. We will spend two days in Cusco doing tours that will help us adjust to the high altitude (about 11,000 ft). We do City Tour in the afternoon.

Day Three: We do the Sacred Valley Tour during the day.  In the evening we meet with the guides and the tour operator regarding the Trek.

Day Four: Cusco to Soray Pampa   The first day of the trek is relaxing. We go from Cusco (10,826) to Soray Pampa (12,795) in 3.5 hours by private transportation. After lunch we can relax and enjoy the views of Salkantay, Humantay and other high mountain peaks from the balcony or dining room at the lodge.

Day Five: Soray Pampa to Palqaycasa   This is the biggest day of the trek. The first pass Inkachillaska (16,240) lies right next to Mount Salkantay to get up close and personal. A couple green lagoons below the pass and views stretching to distant mountain ranges give you the feeling of being among the condors and seeing the world from above. After going down the other side, we have lunch in the spacious pasture Sisaypampa (13,799). The next pass Palqay (14,419) is a 1,640 ft. climb of switchbacks to a rocky mountain ridge between Mount Salkantay and Mount Palqay. Going through this doorway brings you over the divide and into another world. An hour below the pass we arrive to Doña Lucillas house (13,799) where we will spend the night.

Day Six: Palqaycasa to Ahobamba House   As we hike deeper into the Ahobamba valley the mountain walls tower around us, blocking us from the outside world. We have a relaxing day that is only 7km downhill, which gives us time to appreciate this wonderful place with many waterfalls, descending from the high peaks; among them is the highest in Cusco which is over 500 ft. tall. We will visit the ruins of an ancient Inca town across the river from our Ahobamba House (11,482). We will have a free afternoon to enjoy this spectacular place.

Day Seven: Ahobamba House to Cloud Forest House On this day we descend into the cloud forest. The trail becomes more rugged as it traverses the sides of the valley high above the river. Hanging forests and bamboo thickets provide a beautiful canopy to walk through, and we can still see Salkantay towering over the Ahobamba valley high above us. For several hours we walk in complete seclusion with nature, before we get to the Cloud Forest House of Mr. Fortunato at 6,889. Here his family lives on a self sufficient farm where they grow a wide variety of products: Coffee, Bananas, Pineapples, Limes, Oranges, Passion Fruit, Avocadoes, Potatoes, Yucca, etc. Here we will enjoy the warm climate and sounds of the many species of birds in the evening.

Day Eight: Cloud Forest House to Santa Teresa  This is the day we arrive back to civilization! An hour below the cloud forest house, is the Hydroelectric train station where many routes to Machu Picchu come through. From the Hydroelectric to Santa Teresa it's an easy 2.5 hour walk along railroad tracks to the tourist town. Here we will relax for the rest of the day in an amazing hot springs. We will then take a van to Aqua Calientes where we will stay the night. 

Day Nine: Aqua Calientes - MACHUPICCHU : A pre-dawn breakfast allows us to ascend to Intipunku (the Sun Gate), where we may observe the sunrise over Machu Picchu, shrouded in the morning mists (7,840 ft). After taking in this memorable view we descend to the ruins for a guided tour, starting well before the crowds arrive by train from Cusco. There should be 6 to 7 hours available to spend in this unique archaeological site, allowing ample opportunities to explore on your own. Those not interested in the archeological sights may like to climb Huaynapicchu (about 1,000 ft) for an unparalleled view of the lost city of the Incas. However, those trying to climb this mountain make encounter scheduling problems. It is better to climb Macchu Picchu Mountain, which is much higher and offers a better view. To climb either Waynapicchu or Macchu Picchu Mountain you must request a permit in advance and pay an additional fee. Once we finish at Machu Picchu, we board a bus down to the village of Aguas Calientes. Here we have lunch (not included in the event cost) and take a train to Cusco in the afternoon. This narrow gauge railway gives a scenic ride through the Urubamba valley. There are no evening flights out of Cusco, so we will have to spend the night in Cusco.

Day Ten : Cusco to Lima. Flights to the US leave after midnight.

Day Eleven: Lima to Atlanta.


1. You must be either an AOC trip leader or be recommended by an AOC trip leader. This requirement is in place to verify that you have the necessary level of fitness and, most important, that you are a sociable person that will get along with the rest of the group and will not engage in disruptive behavior. Please put yourself on the waiting list, and if you are not a trip leader please ask one to send me a recommendation. I will check whether you qualify, and, if you do, will move you to the list of participants ASAP, provided the maximum number of participants has not been reached. People that put themselves on the waiting list before you will have precedence.

2. After I move you to the list of participants a Paypal request will be sent to you to pay the deposit and secure your position on the trip.

3. After I move you to the list of participants please email me the following information: a. Your name as it appears in your passport; b. your nationality and passport number; c; your passport's expiration date; d. your date of birth; e. Your occupation. Your registration for this event will be considered complete once your deposit and personal information are received. The order of precedence for this event is determined by the date and time your registration is completed.


1. Lindsey Williams will send you a paypal request for a deposit of $675.00. Most of this money plus remaining balance will be paid to trekking company for costs from day 4 to day 9.

2. A balance of $800.00 will be due by August 1 and handled via a Paypal request. Total cost is $1475.00

PASSPORT: The expiration date of your passport must be at least six months after the date you expect to leave Peru. You cannot be included in the trip if you do not have a valid passport. It may take up to three months to get a US passport. 

LOCATION: Cusco is at an altitude of about 11,000 ft and the Ahobamba Trail reaches an altitude of 16,500 ft. Acclimatization is therefore very important, that is why we spend two days in Cuzco before we start our trip. Trip leaders' email address:

DISCLAIMER: The Trip Leader for this event has elected either to personally collect the funds that event participants are required to pay, or to require participants to pay funds directly to a third party. No funds will be paid to the Atlanta Outdoor Club for this event. Therefore, by registering for this event, you acknowledge and agree to the following: (1) the monies paid by registrants will not be monitored, managed, or otherwise accounted for by the Atlanta Outdoor Club; (2) that the Atlanta Outdoor Club bears no financial responsibility for this event; and (3) you waive any and all claims against the Atlanta Outdoor Club, and hold the Atlanta Outdoor Club harmless for the loss of any monies you paid for this event.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any paying registrant may request directly from the Trip Leader, prior to the event, a breakdown of funds collected, estimated expenses, and deposits made in anticipation of the event. Following the event, the Trip Leader must complete his or her financial accounting for the event, with supporting documentation, within 30 days of the completion of the event, and a paid registrant may request a breakdown of funds collected, money spent and supporting documentation after that time. If you are unable to obtain requested documentation, please contact the Director of Paid Events. * We encourage all members to follow our Etiquette Guidelines while participating in AOC events.

Required Items to Bring:

Required Items to Bring: Passport with validity of at least six months beyond your expected departure date from Peru. US citizens, and citizens of most other countries, do not need a visa.

Recommended Items to Bring:
Use our Event Checklists to make sure you have everything you need.

Recommended Items to Bring: Use our Event Checklists to make sure you have everything you need. Personal Equipment List for Trek:

- backpack 30-40 L

- Day Pack

- Sleeping pad

- Sleeping bag 

- Hiking boots cold and rain waterproof

- Sandals

- Sun hat

- Spare set of clothes

- Rain gear

- Gloves

- Extra socks

- Toiletries

- Sunglasses

- Sunscreen and insect repellent

- Lip balm

- Personal First-aid kit

- Head lamp and Batteries

- 1.5 liter Nalgene bottle (disposable plastic bottles are not allowed on the trail)

- Camera

- Plastic bags for clothing and garbage 

- Extra snacks

- Trekking poles 

- clothing for trekking,  hiking boots   

* We encourage all members to follow our Etiquette Guidelines while participating in AOC events.

Member Cost:$1,475.00/Person
Cost Includes:

Member Cost: $1475.00/Person Cost Includes:

- A nonrefundable $25 AOC user fee.

- City Tour (guide and transportation only).

- Sacred Valley Tour (guide and transportation only).

- All transportation once in Cusco and Machu Picchu

- All Lodging

- Entrance into Machu Picchu 

- Professional English speaking guide and assistants.

- Meals while in the trek (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 snacks -tea time, 3 dinners)

- Treated water as needed while on the hike, and warm water every morning to wash.

- Porters to carry food and equipment. (must carry own personal belongings. 

- Tips for support personnel.

- Bank processing fees.

Cost does NOT include:

- Airfare: Atlanta/Lima/Atlanta and Lima/Cusco/Lima.

- Personal Expenses.

- Meals not mentioned in program (e.g. lunch in Aguas Calientes, lunch during Sacred Valley Tour).

- Entry fee to the archeological sites that will be visited during the City Tour and the Sacred Valley Tour. Cost is approximately 63 USD, but must be paid in Soles. 

- Entry fee to Huaynapicchu Mountain or Macchu Picchu Mountain: 68 USD (these are alternatives to the Macchu Picchu Tour).

Make a Payment: Although there is a cost for this event, you do not pay through the AOC. Please review the event details carefully for information about how/where to make your payment. Cancellation/Partial Attendance: Please review the AOC cancellation policy. *Note: If you cancel by May 1, 2019 you will receive full credit for deposit, except for the $25 AOC user fee. If a qualified replacement on the wait list takes your place a full refund will be made up to August 1, 2019.  After that, no refund is possible.

Make a Payment:Although there is a cost for this event, you do not pay through the AOC. Please review the event details carefully for information about how/where to make your payment.

Cancellation/Partial Attendance:   Please review the AOC cancellation policy.