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Wyoming - Grand Tetons

The Basics:
Event Type:Adventure
Event Location: Wyoming USA   Adventure: Wyoming - Grand Tetons   National Weather Service Forecast
Date(s) & Time:Wed, Sep 8 2021  4:00 pm >> Wed, Sep 15 2021 5:00 pm
Registration Opens: Tue, May 25 2021 7:00 am
Registration Cut Off: Tue, May 25 2021 7:00 am
Event Duration:7 Days 1 Hours
Difficulty Rating:D4: Moderate to Difficult (Exploratory)
Distance:60 Miles
Trip Leader(s):
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Member Cost:$872.00/Person (See Detailed Cost Info Below)

Participant Info:
Who's Invited: Members Only, 21 And Older Only
Maximum Group Size:12
Minimum Group Size:10
Number Registered So Far: 12 / 11 (To see who's signed up, log in to the Member Area)
Are Dogs Permitted: No

Note: This is an "EXPLORATORY" trip. This means that there are parts of this trip, or perhaps the whole trip, that is new to your Trip Leader(s). However, they are confident that this will not be an issue.
This note is here so that you can make an informed decision. When a Trip Leader isn't personally familiar with a trip, there is an increased chance of things not going as planned and you need to be prepared. The Trip Leader may have additional details in the itinerary.


Photos - some from Google, some from AOC hiker Bette K.

Please note that when you register the system will automatically put you on the waiting list in the order that you registered.  I'll review the wait list and move you onto the attendee list in the same order that you registered.  The reason for using the wait list is to give me time to confirm that you have the credentials to join this type of event - some experience with the AOC or similar.  If I have any qeustions I'll contact you OR you will get an email notification from the AOC when you are moved onto the attendee list.  


My first foray into out of town hiking - please join me in exploring  Grand Teton National Park.  Those that have hiked with me know that this will not be a hardcore mountain climbing type of adventure.  We'll just do a series of day hikes - not super strenous but there will be some elevation.

We'll spend seven days exploring the Grand Tetons hiking a variety of trails.  There will be some elevation but I will try to keep to a minimum - all hikes will be simliar to  D3, D4  hikes (maybe an easy D5 but nice and slow) - All hikes will be 12 miles or under.  All hikes will allow for lunch breaks.  Not a go, go, go type of outing - if something interesting catches our eye we will slow down and enjoy the view.  Hope to encounter (not too close) some wildlife but no guarantee there but I'll do my best. My usual pace is just under 3 mph on level surface and quite a bit slower wtih elevation but I do plan on a bit of a slower pace for the entire week. If you are looking for more than 3 mph hikes this is not an outing for you.  I am planning on our highest elevation gain to be 1200 feet.  Jackson WY and surrounding areas already sit about about 6000 ft.  we'll be climbing a bit but not much.  D4 days will be about 1000 feet and 10-12 miles.  D3 days under 1000 ft and under 12 miles.  Many of the trails (if in the Atlanta area) I would probably consider and rate a D2 but I have opted to classify as D3 since I am not familiar with the trails and only relying on guidebooks and All Trails and not really sure what we'll encounter.

We will begin out journey from Atlanta GA - all are responsible for booking their own airfare and arriving in Jackson, Wyoming on 9/8/2021 (or prior) - We will be renting two vehilces and we will work a shuttle from airport to our accomodations at an AirBnB in Teton Village - about 12 miles outside of Jackson Wyoming.    We have access to our accomodations evening of Sept 8 thru evening of September 14.  If you arrive early or stay late plan on booking your own accomodations. 

We will dine together the evening of the 8th, discuss our plans for the upcoming week, get a good night's sleep and then begin hiking the morning of the 9th.  Travel to the trailheads may be up to one hour.


Also Marmot (something like a beaver) and Pika (a small mammal related to rabbits)

We'll probably see bears (Park Service recommends we carry bear spray on the trails - we'll pick some up before our first hike) - there may be black bears and grizzly bears in the area

this will be my first time at Grand Tetons, first time in Wyoming - I am diligently studying maps of trails and lay of the land, researching what wildlife we might encounter, getting input from people who have been.  I am confident that we can do this without guiding services - it will keep the cost down, we are not doing any backcountry type of trails - sticking to the  trails recommended by the parks i.e.the trails that are well traveled.

I would welcome any questions, comments prior to registration date - when you do register you will be put on the waiting list until I have time to review and check to make sure you have the experience with the AOC to do this type of event.  You must have some D3 experience with the club.  If you do not have D3 experience with the AOC a recommendation by an AOC trip leader would suffice. 

We will be in close proximity for a week, sharing meals, vehilces, accomodations - you must be flexible if plans change last minute  - maybe planned on one trail but trip leader made choice to hike another.   Rain one day and we may hike or we may not.  There is a great museum in Jackson if we have a rainy day or we may find time to enjoy the museum even if no inclement weather.

I would love the group to stay together for all hikes/all days BUT if you need an off day that's okay too.  Maybe you just want to explore Jackson or catch up on reading at our Teton Village residence. I am trying to structure so that we don't have two harder hikes back to back.


Due to close proximity the trip leader will only accept those that have had Covid vaccination (please forward me photo of card for verification).  Masks will be required by all when in the vehilces.  



Day 1 - (D4) 10 Miles roundtrip.  1100 foot elevation.   Five + hours.   Cascade Canyon Trail - Panoramic Views, Waterfall, Wildlife.  The hike begins from the Jenny Lake Trailhead.  We will be taking the Jenny Lake Trail around the south end of Jenny Lake.  Covering roughly 1191 acres, glacially-carved Jenny Lake is the second largest lake in the Grand Tetons. At 423 feet it's also one of the deepest. The lake was named for a Shoshone Indian named Jenny who assisted with camp logistics during the Hayden Geological Survey of 1872.  The trail begins climbing upward through a pristine conifer forest. It's likely we'll see quite a few huckleberry patches along this stretch, which is one of the reasons why you'll need to watch for bears on this hike. We'll look for the short side trail leading to Hidden Falls, an extremely impressive waterfall. Situated near the mouth of Cascade Canyon, Hidden Falls drops roughly one hundred feet in a series of steps.  After viewing the waterfall we'll continue on towards Inspiration Point. 

Day 2 - (D3) Leigh Lake and String Lake Trail, Bear Paw and Trapper Lakes trails. virtually no elevation - beautiful trails where we'll be alongside water majority of the hike.  Then we'll head over via cars to Coulter Bay section of the park where we'll hike some easy trails around Jackson Lake - the Coulter Bay Hermitage Point Trail, Swan Lake and Heron Pond Trail and the Coulter Bay Lakeshore Trail.  Rated as D3 only for distance - we will do about 10-12 miles but all easy, lakeside trails, elevation may hit 200 feet only.


Day 3  (D3)  8 miles roundtrip (761 ft elevation) Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake Loop begins from the Taggart Lake Trailhead.  This hike visits two of the six glacially-formed lakes that lie at the base of the Teton Range. From the trailhead we will immediately enjoy stunning views of Grand Teton towering above the sagebrush flat.  The views from the lake are simply outstanding. From the eastern shore hikers will be able to see 11,901-foot Nez Perce, 12,804-foot Middle Teton, Grand Teton, and 12,235-foot Teewinot Mountain.  To continue on the loop hike, after you're done soaking in the sublime views, we will return back to the Valley Trail / Bradley Lake Trail junction. We'll have access to a small beach area that offers outstanding views of 12,804-foot Middle Teton, Garnet Canyon, Grand Teton, 12,928-foot Mt. Owen and 12,235-foot Teewinot Mountain.  A short distance beyond the junction you'll cross a footbridge over Taggart Creek which offers a nice view of a cascading waterfall just upstream from the bridge.  

Day 4 (D4)  7 miles - Signal Mountain (1184 ft elevation)-The hike to Signal Mountain in Grand Teton National Park begins from the Signal Mountain Lodge parking area. Although the trail doesn't go all the way to the summit of the 7720-foot mountain, it does offer outstanding panoramic views of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake and the Snake River from a vantage point known as Jackson Point Overlook. A short distance into our hike the trail passes a pleasant lily pond. Keep an eye out for moose here. We will reach Jackson Point Overlook. This perch offers some absolutely stunning views of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake, Jackson Hole and the Gros Ventre Mountains. In addition to the outstanding views, keep an eye out for large birds of prey, such as golden eagles and red-tailed hawks, gliding on the warm thermals.

Day 5 (D3) 10 miles - Two Ocean Lake and Emma Matilda Lake Trail (900 ft elevation)-Panoramic Views, Wildlife, Fall Aspens - Almost from the start the trail begins by traveling through a long stretch of thimbleberries, as well as several patches of high brush. Park officials make it quite clear that bears are present in this area. They emphasize that hikers should be alert, make noise and carry bear spray.  In addition to bears there will be several opportunities for spotting a variety of wildlife as you proceed around the lake. As you travel the route you should keep an eye out for moose, elk, mule deer, coyotes, martens and osprey, in addition to waterfowl, such as common mergansers, common loons and trumpeter swans.  

Day 6 (D3) - we will leave open - if we really enjoyed one of the trails that we already hiked and want to go back OR if we learned about a trail that we really want to try OR...we'll play it by ear.  There are tons of trails that we can pick up right from Teton Village.  There is a Gondola and a SkyTram right from Teton Village up into the mountains for a scenic overview of the area 

Outside of planned hikes:

  • Oxbow Bend is supposed to have fantastic sunsets - something that should not be missed. 
  • Mormon Row is a do not miss point in the park - bring your camera. 
  • National Elk Refuge (see elk, big horn sheep and other wildlife) we'll check it out.
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art located in Jackson - we'll find time. 
  • Schwabacher Landing is supposed to have the best sunrise - and tons of wildlife before late rising tourists scare them away. 
  • Snake River Overlook  Another great sunrise and wildlife viewing location
  • Take a drive on beautiful scenic Highway 191
  • Check out downtown Jackson

We're going to pack in a lot of sights in one week - you can catch up on sleep when you get back to Atlanta!!!! We'll have to get up extra early at least one or two mornings to catch those sunrises.

Be aware due to the exploratory nature of the trip a seven mile hike may turn into a nine mile hike.  We may stop for the wildlife, stop to take in the scenery, take a side trail that looks interesting - let's not limit ourselves and we'll just see where the day and the trails take us.  Note that there are also many trails that can be accessed from the property of the Teton Village (where we are staying).

 Day 7 (Sept 15th) we need to be up and out of the AirBnB by 10 a.m.  If you have early flight scheduled we'll work a shuttle to the airport - if you have a later flight we'll find another trail, more wildlife, something to do.  Again if you staying in the area longer you'll have to find your own accomodations.

If we run out of options in Grand Tetons (there are hundreds of miles of trails so not sure how that could happen) we could always take a run up to Yellowstone but it could be up to a three hour drive - would rather be hiking than spending the day in the car - might save Yellowstone for next year.  We are also very close to the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Gros Ventre Wilderness Avenue. Might try to schedule a little time on those trails too.   We'll see how the week goes.

As stated above please have an open mind - plans may change, trails might change, let's hope for a week of perfect weather but if we have a rainy day we may have to move things around a bit - maybe hit that beautiful museum I've heard about.  Each evening we can all discuss the next day's adventure - I will welcome comments, input, suggestions, etc.  Your Trip Leader is up for anything (almost anything).  I would guess total mileage on our hiking boots by the end of the week would be 60-70 miles, that's just a guess  though.  I do want the days full - leave our "home" as early as possible each morning and see as much as we can while out for the day.

check out YouTube videos relating to Grand Tetons - most are wonderful

Required Items to Bring:

Hiking shoes/boots



Recommended Items to Bring:
Use our Event Checklists to make sure you have everything you need.

Spare hiking shoes


hiking poles

whatever you will need for 7 nights.

AirBnB provides all towels, linens, use of Washer/Dryer, laundry detergent, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, cookware, wireless internet, use of Roku, Heating, Fireplace, Grill, access to hot tub

Daytime temps should be mid 60's to low 70's - great hiking weather but be prepared - overnight temps can get down near freezing.

How to Get There:
Event Directions:

Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) - arrive sometime on the 8th of September - provide me your flight information and we'll get you picked up and delivered to AirBnB

OR meet at AirBnB (only after 4:00 on 9/8/2021 - that is check in time)

Unit: Rendezvous D3  3605 West Michael Drive, Unit D3 Teton Village


I am renting two cars for the week so you don't need a vehilce - if you did want your own vehilce please be advised that parking at Teton Village is very limited. Our unit allows for only ONE car so I have to figure out what to do with the second car overnight.


The TL(s) for this event has (have) elected either to personally collect the funds that event participants are required to pay, or to require participants to pay funds directly to a third party. No funds will be paid to the Atlanta Outdoor Club for this event. By registering for this event, you acknowledge and agree that: (1) the monies paid by registrants will not be monitored, managed, or otherwise accounted for by the Atlanta Outdoor Club; (2) that the Atlanta Outdoor Club bears no financial responsibility for this event; and (3) you waive any and all claims against the Atlanta Outdoor Club, and hold the Atlanta Outdoor Club harmless for the loss of any monies you paid for this event.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any paid registrant may request directly from the TL(s), prior to the event, a breakdown of funds collected, estimated expenses, and deposits made in anticipation of the event. Within 30 days after the event, the TL(s) must complete a financial accounting of monies collected and spent, along with supporting documentation; any attendee may ask to see this accounting. If you are unable to obtain requested documentation, please contact the Director of Paid Events.

* We encourage all members to follow our Etiquette Guidelines while participating in AOC events.

Member Cost:$872.00/Person
Cost Includes:

7 nights in an AirBnB (1 King, 1 Queen, 6 Twin) if we have two couples that will work out perfect, if not we'll draw straws to see who shares.  I don't mind sharing.

Transportation from Jackson WY airport to our AirBnB on 9/8/2021

Transportion back to Jackson WY airport from our AirBnB 9/15/2021

Transportation to all trailheads - we have two five passenger cars (we'll take turns sitting in the uncomfortable middle back seat) 

Park entrance fees (I have an America the Beautiful pass to allow access to the park - hoping that one of your have a pass that we can use - if not our buget allows for us to pay at the gate)  

Bear Spray - we'll pick up a couple cans before our first hike

Gas for rental cars

Two meals included each day - We'll stop and stock up on groceries for the week to be prepared at our AirBnB

  • Breakfast  coffee maker provided, kitchen is stocked with pots/pan/china.  We'll want to get early start on the trails and best to eat together and then hit the roads/trails early.  If any dietary restrictions let me know.  For breakfasts we will pickup basics:  eggs, bacon, toast, bagels, fruit,  yogurt. 
  • Lunch we will pickup fixings  at a grocery store for meals that we can eat on the trail - deli meat/cheese, bread/rolls, PB&J, snacks, fruit and prepare at our AirBnB before we head out for the day.

$25.00 AOC admin fee

Deposit of $472.00 is due by June 15th, 2021

Balance of $400.00 is due by August 1st, 2021

Not included is your airfare (fly into Jackson Hole, WY), tram or gondola at Teton Village, admission to museum, evening meals at restaurant in Jackson or surrounding area.  Maybe one or two nights we could pool funds and prepare meals at our rental.  We'll discuss details on the 9th.  I have checked flights and RT runs $450 to $600 - most are one stop, I only found one direct Delta for $509.  Don't purchase airline until you get on the attendee list.

You may want to arrive early and/or stay late - we have the AirBnB for the evening of 9/8, 9/9, 9/10, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14 and check out morning of the 15th.  You will have to find other accomodations if staying late or arriving early.  

Make a Payment:Although there is a cost for this event, you do not pay through the AOC. Please review the event details carefully for information about how/where to make your payment.

Cancellation/Partial Attendance:   Please review the AOC cancellation policy.

Deposit of $472.00 is due by June 15th, 2021

Balance of $400.00 is due by August 1st, 2021

You can mail me a check, deposit in my Zelle or Venmo accounts - contact me for information

To make this all work we need ten people (me plus nine). 

Cancellation policy - once you register and have been moved onto the attendee list the depost of $472 will be due no later than June 15th. Balance of $400.00 is due August 1st.  There will be no refunds unless a replacement can be found that can take your place.  If that is the case (a replacement found) then the $872.00 will be refunded less the $25.00 AOC admin fee (of which there is no refund).

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