Sun, Aug 2 2015 - Sunday Morning Paddle at Olde Rope Mill Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Heidi W., Thomas W.
Participants:Heidi W., Thomas W., Ash, John Stirman

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Write Up:

What an awesome day we had on the river.  It was not just a paddle, but an epic adventure.  We started off heading upstream, going beyond the ruins, until we reached small shoals.  We continued on downstream and made our way to the waterfall.  The boys got out of their boats, explored, and discovered two homes behind the falls and a hiking trail.  We all decided the waterfall would be a cool backyard.  We then headed to explore Noon Day Creek, which kept us away from the big lake, but not away from big adventure.  We came to a spot where we had to portage, and the mud was like quicksand.  We had to portage again about 25 yards down the river, and then for good measure decided to portage one more time.  We were able to see a whopping 1/4 mile more of the river for about an hour's worth of effort.  However, it was the most fun part of the entire trip, although, I may be biased.  It was so entertaining watching everyone try to figure out how to get over, under, and around all of the trees.  Some of us were more agile than others and could glide right under a tree with no more than one foot of clearance.  Others decided to just throw themselves on top of the tree and plop down on the other side into the river.  It made for great photos and even better videos. After making our way back to the take out, we all decided that we would be prewashing, extra rinsing, and possibly running a double cycle on our clothes, shoes, and selves.  Our filthiness did not stop us all from woofing down sandwiches, chips, and shakes at Which Wich.  We sure hope you can join us next time!!  

Thank you, Thomas and John for the great photos and videos. 

Heidi and Thomas