Sat, Sep 12 2015 - Big Frog Mountain Licklog Ridge Loop - Rescheduled (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Jared S, John Stirman
Participants:Jared S, John Stirman, Linda S, Hyacinth, Ken, Tony Tennille

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Write Up:
The road to our trailhead (heading north on FS221) was nice except for one mud pit that would stop most cars but not trucks or SUVs. Our hike started off of FS221 on Licklog Ridge Trail. Ascended 2500+ feet over 5.9 miles to the peak of Big Frog Mountain. Just south of the peak we ran into a group of hogs. They ran off with a grunt. I've bagged a rattle snake, a bear and hogs in the past month...what's left? This trail was the least maintained trail of the day. The rain the night before left the brush wet and walking through the brush got us quite wet. The cold front that left the rain the night before also left wonderful cool temperatures. The sun came out late afternoon and made it perfect hiking weather. Our descent from BFM was via the Big Frog Trail (which Benton Mackaye partially travels over). We did not hike the Fork Ridge Trail, we stayed on the Big Frog Trail until it intersected with the Rough Creek Trail. The Rough Creek Trail was stunning in several areas -- don't skip this trail. There are two or three creek crossings that we rock hopped. Rough Creek intersected with Licklog Ridge Trail, bringing us back to our cars. There are no blazes but signs at every intersection. A descent map is pretty much all you need to navigate if you've done this sort of thing before. GPS is always a very good idea. Two of us headed to Blue Ridge for the Music and BBQ festival. - Jared