Fri, Sep 26 2003 - Beginners Backpacking in the Cohutta Wilderness (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Michael Aubertine, Susan Murphy, , , Sedjenane Hardin

Write Up:
The original trail we wanted to go on was closed due to construction on the road, so we opted to take the Beech Bottoms Trail, which was a little easier and a lot more traveled. It took us about two hours to travel the four miles to the perfect camp site that Michael had staked out the night before. We then went and enjoyed the falls for about a half hour before the weather started to turn sour. Luckily, we got back to camp in time to set up some tarps to keep us somewhat dry. Our dinner consisted of a Tex-Mex Pepper Steak, rice, and tortillas, three bean salad, and fudge for dessert, which disappeared pretty quickly. We stayed up for a bit talking to one another and having a good ol time. The next morning we had breakfast burritos with eggs, onions, bacon, and cheese. As we were packing up, we spoke with a ranger who told us that there were bears in them thar hills and asked if we had any encounters. Fortunately, we practiced good backcountry skills and bagged all of our food and trash. After we cleaned up and were all packed away we did our trek out of the wilderness and headed home after a dinner/lunch break at Steak and Shake.
Written By: Jeff Chang
Photos From: Jeff Chang