Sun, Apr 17 2016 - Stone Mountain Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bob J, Lisa
Participants:Lisa, Bob J, Ken, Sherry, Ginny, Tom, Dustin

Write Up:

We shared an absolutely perfect afternoon on the rock. After a bit of a late start (everybody in Atlanta had the idea of heading to Stone Mountain on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, so parking was a zoo) we ascended the mountain via some hidden side trails. We hugged the fenceline until we emerged at the top, once again finding the throngs. We soon left these crowds behind as we circled the visitor's building, emerging into what felt like another dimension which we had entirely to ourselves. 

Coming down off the mountain, we explored the Nature Garden Trail before proceeding back along the Cherokee Trail. The Trip Leaders switched back and forth between leading and sweeping so seamlessly that the group scarcely registered the shifts. Crossing over the historic covered bridge, we hustled along the shoreline of Indian Island, encountering young families enjoying their picnic lunches with gusto. Memorial Lawn appeared to be under construction - or deconstruction rather, of Snow Mountain to make way for the open lawn of Laser Show season. Scaffoldings littered the lawn like skeletons in the desert.

Finally, we headed upwards again, facing the climb in the hot sunshine. We paused but a moment at the pinnacle before wending our way back down - making a sharp right off the trail to again escape the crowd. Time to move quickly to make up for some previous lollygagging and picture taking. We logged a solid 11-plus miles and finished right on time. Thanks to all of you for making our day so much fun!