Sat, Feb 4 2017 - GA Bartram Trail- Hale Ridge to Warwoman Dell (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Eric P
Participants:Eric P, Bryan E., Chuck R, Brian K

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Write Up:

This was a great little getaway before the Super Bowl. We had an unambitious mostly downhill 18 miles planned but apparently none of us knew how to take our time on any part of the trip. It was the fastest I have ever loaded cars at the carpool, got on the trail when arriving, and ended up at the planned camping spot at lunch time.

Due to being so far ahead of schedule we decided to just go with it and ended up doing 16 of the 18 miles the first day and staying at the great large camping area right by Martin Creek falls. I was shocked that we had it all to ourselves with it being next to a waterfall and less than 2 miles from the road. It must have been the cool temps and slight chance of rain that kept people away.

Additionally despite much whining on my part I participated in the fire by gathering at least 4 sticks and breaking up some twigs. The group was very proud of my herculean efforts. I also showed how much of a night owl I was before my toddler induced fatigue set in and forced me to bed at the outrageously late time of 7:45pm.

On the second day the group kept up the trend of being quick at everything by breaking camp by 8am, being off the trail before 9am, and back at the carpool by 11am.