Sun, May 14 2017 - LAKE WINFIELD SCOTT - Mothers Day (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Diana
Participants:Steve T, Diana, Brian W, Mary Lou, Terry S, Gloria, Mike H, Matthew, KatePJ, Angela

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Write Up:

Mother's Day on the AT, Slaughter Creek Trail, Jarrad Gap, Freeman Trail - ten hikers, approximately 8 miles.  Hoped that the mountain laurel and rhododendron would be blooming but they weren't ready yet. Saw a few orange azaleas (I think they are known as flaming azaleas), some small delicate flowers along the trail but not much color yet. a couple hikers spotted some yellow azalea but I missed it. Glorious day, not too hot, light breeze kept it comfortable.

Thanks so all for joining me, thanks to my carpool driver, Matthew, for getting me and three other hikers there and back safely.  He was damp during the ride home, just before hitting the road he stripped down to his boxers and took a dip in Lake Winfield Scott!!!!