Sat, Aug 26 2017 - Canadian Rockies Mt. Assiniboine Trek (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): LindseyW
Participants:LindseyW, greg, Tatiana, DanR, Andrew, papi, Erin S, Victor

Write Up:

In the time it takes you to read this we would have trekked about 100 strides of our 100,000 step journey to and from and around Mt. Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies. Pictures don't do a trip like this justice. Words are even more inadequate to describe the raw beauty and pristine surroundings we encountered. 

Mt. Assiniboine and her sister mountains hover over valleys of Indian Paintbrush, forget-me-nots, asters and fleabane, that are just now in full bloom this high in the northern Rockies. The 'glacier blue' lakes of long melted winter snows turn the stratified rock and snowcapped peaks into a reflection of surreality. Dark green juniper and spruce trim the landscape up to the treeline. Delicious sunrays beaming through the thinned air mixed with gentle breezes off the glaciers play on our skin. 

Each agonizing step up and over Wonder Pass could only give us hope that we would, in fact, soon be in the midst of such wondrous splendor. As a group, we renewed our connection to the wilderness. We relished our shared presence by each striving to enjoy our common experience together and by making it more hospitable for one another on this rugged terrain. There were many, many instances of a helping hand being given along our passage and in exploring around the foot of Mt. Assiniboine. 

We caught only a glimpse of what it must have been like for the native tribe from whom the Mountain takes its name. The Assiniboine people hunted, fished and wandered these lands for centuries that we now, in our citified existence, find so majestic. We can only speculate that they, too, never tired of its commanding beauty. Whether there are human eyes to gaze upon this spectacle or even if it has no name, the Mountain is there, more permanent and grand in it pyramidic profile than anything made by human hand. 

If you want details on this trip without the wax of the rhapsodic, call me and I'll give you just the facts and helpful tips.  Lindsey Williams, Trip Leader