Sun, Dec 3 2017 - AT Approach / Hike Inn - 10 Mile Loop + Noon Option (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kimmy, Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose)
Participants:Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose), Kimmy, Janet J, Marylee B., Alli H, David W., Robin B

Write Up:

As we drove to the top of the falls, the fog was very dense but soon we were blessed with a fabulous day. We had a fun group hiking along with a cute little fur hiker Sadie who was very excited and very well behaved.We were rewarded with some great treats from the Hike Inn along with a beautiful view. The hike back gave us a good appetite for Thai food on the way home. A great hike to enjoy all winter long. I hope to co-lead this one with Tom again soon. Side note: We met a group of 40 women headed out from a stay at the Hike Inn. We were curious as to what the group was. What started with one woman asking 9 friends to go to the Hike Inn has evolved into 40 women from all over the US in 2 short years. My food for thought on that is by sharing a great experience with people, look how others too can enjoy great new experiences. We have that opportunity with AOC for people to get out of their comfort zones and enjoy things in life they might not have otherwise.