Sat, Jul 14 2018 - Give-Back-to-the-Hooch Event preceding AOC Rock & Grill Fest, at same location (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Meg Wayne, Joyce T., Eric P, Diana, Brooke H, Jeff G, Bill, SusanF

Write Up:

We nine AOC volunteers had a good time together in the beautiful Jones Bridge unit of the Chattahoochee River Nat'l Recreation Area while pitching in to improve its trail network - and in doing so "sealed the deal" for our Club to use the nice nearby CRNRA Education Center at no charge for our big annual summer picnic on the same day.  Our main task was to improve the trails' drainage of rainwater and esp. their resistance to erosion by using special digging, chopping and raking tools ("McLeods & Pulaskis").  We also used loppers to cut hundreds of long fronds of fast-growing non-native "elaeagnus" tree-shrubs that were hanging over the trails into hikers' faces.  We made good use of the accumulated brush by piling it onto unnecessary "social trails" to block and hide them, and thereby focus hikers onto the more approved and maintained routes through the forest.

  Our friendly hosts for the project were Dave Thomas who serves as the Nat'l Park Service's CRNRA Volunteer Coordinator and a hard-working "Friend of the Chattahoochee" named Phillip.  AOCer Susan Ferguson also served as one of our lead overseers for the work day, and we thank her for being one of our Club's most dedicated CRNRA volunteers!

  A special "high-five" to three friendly new AOC members Meg, Brooke and Jeff, who chose this event as their very first outing with our fine Club.  They worked hard on this worthy "give-back-to-nature" project and we "veterans" hope to see them often again in the future on our hikes, campouts and other outings.
  - Submitted by Charlie - Director of AOC Volunteer Events, Sun. AM July 15.