Sun, Feb 29 2004 - Glenn Falls and Chinquapin Mountain Trail Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Bruce, Christine Michelle Prasnik, Kevin Jeffers, Steve DeMarle, Udo Licht, Tamara Dowis, karen gennuso, Yuka Fujiu, Michelle Halley, Tammy Miller, Keisha Jackson, Michael Aubertine, Bill Schmalz, Vivian, Jason Milliron, Michelle Moran

Write Up:
After waiting the prescribed time (15 minutes) at the park and ride lot, we had lost 6 people (one had previously cancelled) with one potential person to meet in Clayton, GA. We left and arrived at Clayton at 10:15, and our extra person didn’t make it (car trouble - found out later); so 9 original intrepid explorers continued to the trailhead in what was to be a wonderful weather day, especially given the time of year. There were still patches of snow on and off up the trail from the recent snowstorm.

We hiked up the gently sloping trail to a great lookout point and snack break overlook on top of Chinquapin Mountain. It was easier than I had remembered to get to the top, and took such a short time I decided to take us to the other four overlooks that wrap around the mountaintop.

Then we all backtracked down the mountain, crossed the log on West fork of Overflow Creek, and proceeded down the trail to the three falls down the trail, including Glenn Falls (the first). Udo, Michelle Halley and Jason went for an adventure in the recess behind Glenn Falls, and got a little unintentional shower (Jason dunked his head in the refreshing or ‘brisk’ water from the recent snowfall. Then we all continued down to the other two waterfalls; and not being terribly late, I asked the remaining seven persons if they wanted to go down to the primitive campground at the base of the trail, to which we all agreed. So then we went probably another ľ’s of a mile – down, down and more down, and did a nice rock hopping creek crossing to the primitive campground. I paid on the way back up for my extra trip with worn out legs and lungs, and made it up last of the group but none the worse for the extra adventure, I just had to take it slow. Jason, Udo and Michelle Halley were nice enough to wait for my worn out self at the top. The rest of the group had already decided to dine afterwards, being as it was only 4:30, so we all went to the buffet at the Chinese restaurant in Clayton (Peking Gourmet). All feasted sumptuously and saw what animals we were on the Chinese calendar; and many played the ‘in bed’ game with the fortunes from the fortune cookies, and shared many laughs.

Thanks to all for another great and fun trip, with a good group of adventurous people.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Jason Milliron