Sun, Sep 2 2018 - Explore Waterfalls on Canada Creek near Suches (7:30 AM Carpool) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Russ
Participants:Russ, Suzanne, Dave G, Mark W, Swasti, Paresh, Marina, Andrey K, Brent, Nancy M

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Write Up:

When you get to experience hike with a waterfall, it's a good hike. When you get 2 waterfalls, it is an awesome hike. But when you get 4, it is an awe inspiring experience!

The weather was perfect and most of the hike was on very faint, little traveled trails; some of the walk was total bushwhacking, and few of the steps were on ATV trails. We started the hike with a nice uphill climb -- nothing too strenuous, but enough to get the heart pumping. And we were rewarded with a nice view of the mountains below and with the faint sound of the roaring creek down below in the distance -- a foreshadowing of what was to come.

From there we hiked through YJ Gap (not knowing what the Y and J stand for, but we did try to guess a few) and bushwhacked through the woods (and through some poison ivy) down to a nice old road bed that led down to Canada Creek.

Following a faint trail most of the way, we traced the creek to the lower two waterfalls on Canada Creek (about 4 miles from the start). Note, for future reference, that the lower most waterfall (I think it is called Big Canada Creek Falls) is just on the border of private property. So, be mindful if you visit, to respect the owner's property and not trespass.

We hiked back out and up. On the way we essentially traced the creek up to two more beautifiul waterfalls. From the 4th waterfall, we bushwhacked back to a trail that led us back to the cars where we all gave hugs and fist bumps to celebrate the awe we experienced on the hike.

For pictures of the hike click here.