Mon, Oct 15 2018 - Clemmer, Clemmer Spur, and Scenic Spur Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Ann Howard, Ralph Howard
Participants:Ann Howard, Ralph Howard, Suzanne, Marty E, Rick D, Becky Douviile

Write Up:

With consent, the Rickster Scale of 5 stars was given to this hike.  Here is how the rating was given (with some additional interpretation by me):  1 star for elevation gain, 2 star for views/vistas (views and vistas may be substituted with caves, historic buildings, lots of dappled sunliight, rock outcropping, and wildlife sightings), 3 star for water fall (bonus for multiple waterfalls, higher bonus for swimmable pools at the waterfall, extra points if you are the only ones at the waterfall), 4 star for babbling brooks (may be subsituted with gurgling streams, additional points if you have water crossings, bonus points if the water crossing can be done without sticks but you must have the potential for falling in with the water higher than your boot; you must do take away points if anyone gets hurt and/or there is damage to camera equipment.)  5 star for distance (no substitutions, although there may be some consideration if the trail is not full of rocks, has a lovely pine needle carpet, and minimal tripping roots).  There is no particular order of the stars and no weight to the stars; all stars being equally important.  Star substitution may be done by the trip leader without consent of the group.