Sat, Dec 29 2018 - Sweetwater Creek Orange, Yellow and White Trails. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Ann, Bill, Tim, Marylee B., Charles, A-M, Ray, Bunnie, Allen D, Armin

Write Up:
Saturday gave me 10 and a half outstanding hikers - the weather was perfect! The Creek had a monstrous look that would deafen the ears when nearing the banks. Some parts of the trail required bushwhacking on the steep embankments. This was due to the swollen creek rising. I was surprised they didn't close the red trail? Ann & I saw a huge beaver on the bank of Jack's Pond. Did not see the pigs on this hike ( usually on the east side). Held a tight line throughout the hike due to the moderate pace ( so we could enjoy the woods). Also it was good to have Armin with us overseeing the hike. Start and finish was well on time, plenty of time to go home and rake the yard. Want to welcome Bill H to the club and also Rufus the 4 legged hiker. Thank you Ann for the delicious cookies ( can you send me the recipe 🙂.) Next week Unicoi Gap to Tray Mountain.