Sat, Jun 15 2019 - Stop and Smell the Roses - Stone Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Claudia, Lixia, Rocky M, Karin, Janina Edwards

Write Up:

The hike started with almost perfect weather for hiking. We did introductions in the Historic Square Area Parking Lot and started hiking following John B Gordon Dr to Robert E Lee Blvd. We hiked along the We followed the sidewalk along Robert E Lee Blvd. until we cut over to Grist Mill. We stopped for pictures and a break. Continuing along Robert E Lee Blvd. until we came to the Nature Garden Trail stopped again for pictures and a break. We also discovered we missed the turn to Washington King Bridge by about and mile a proceeded to Confederate Hall for another break. Due to it being late Spring and the heavy vegetation we had not stopped as frequently as anticipated thus as we neared the Crossroads area we cut through the parking and were able to get some good pictures. The best was yet to come, as we exited the Crossroads area heading back to the parking lot, we came across a mother and three baby deer, see pictures. Some of us detoured to the Carlton for pictures and to stay for the concert. I had planned on going at about a 2 mile pace, according to the speed limit sign, see picture, we were moving at 22 mph.

 I would like to thank Janina for joining us on her first AOC Hike. I can’t forget to thank the rest of the group for how they welcomed Jania hikers.

There are 28 pictures and 2 videos, on the videos ignore the images and listen to the music  - the other 6 not posted are worst. I don’t do a lot of video!

Mike C