Sat, Aug 24 2019 - Albert Mountain A.T. Via Grassy Ridge Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Steve H, Ray, Steve T, Cathy, Wendy, Charles, David Lloyd

Write Up:
This trail had many techniques involved in order to go onward... butt scoots, hand crawls, limb climbing, voice calling, plenty of flagging and a sharp saw with some really tough hikers. There was no Trailhead to start this hike unless you want to call a gun target post for our starting point. I was actually Ok with myself for just finding this area. We made good progress in the 1st mile - it had a well beaten path. Then this well beaten path turns into a goat trail then into a rabbit trail also with crazy blowdown of a rhododendron grove that went on forever at around mile 2. I remind you before mile 2 we were encountering blowdown, but this section involved stopping the group and me only scouting ahead traversing using voice commands to line back up on trail. The terrain in this area would not allow it. It was a rhododendron grove that was damaged by the past fires with steep declines to the right. I will take tree blowdown on the trail but I very much dislike RHODODENDRON!!! David took point while I stayed in my spot and he found a Ridge so we took it. Anything to get out of the Rhodo's and to prolong the hike. We later exhausted the Ridge which then demanded a steep decline to the North West which was our direction for the AT. I called the hike to a stop and we all had a long lunch and returned back to the cars, pulling all the flagging down closing this trail down and never returning again! The woods will reclaim this trail and rightfully so, including my folding saw. Returned home and the wife asking me, like always how was your hike honey? Oh great dear ( with a pause) can you pass me the gravy. Another memory of the Southern Nantahala. Want to welcome Wendy S to the club, who we really enjoyed having and also it was good to see David Lloyd getting back with the club. Hope Kathy Lee is better with her bee sting. Thanks to Steve H, David Lloyd and Charles H with GPS knowledge. Thank you Steve T also for the skillful and safe driving habits!