Mon, Aug 10 2009 - Atlanta Rocks! Indoor climbing (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Jaime, John T
Participants:Debbie Degner, Sharon S, John T, Jaime, Lisa Maldonado, Carol, Cristina, Leigh, Sarah H, Jeannie Cassidy, Gene Shiau, Scott Bennett, terri c, Sean Jaimeson, Rachel, Cassie Walker, Sam W., preeda, Henrik Malmberg, Davide Fossati

Write Up:

Thanks everyone for a great time last night at Atlanta Rocks. It's always fun to see people experiencing something for the first time, whether it's indoor climbing or the Atlanta Outdoor Club, or both. Special thanks to my co-leader, Jaime, for ensuring everyone signed their waivers. We had 100% attendance and got all the waivers signed. That makes it look like we know what we're doing.  :)

I was particularly jazzed to see folks completely new to climbing, like Sean and Sharon, get up on the wall and make it all the way to the top. Others, like Carol and Henrik, were new-ish to the AOC but had plenty of climbing experience. We appreciate your advice, folks!

David just arrived in town a few days ago from Chicago, and he already found the AOC. I'm jealous because I lived in the ATL for three years before I found this club. When I think of the AOC, I think, "These are my people." Really.

Next Week & Recurring on Monday
We'll hold another event next Monday. It may take a few days to post because I'm waiting on final approval to lead events as a solo trip leader, but keep your calendar open. Next week, Malisse will serve as the co-trip leader. She's working toward becoming a full-fledged trip leader as well. On a mountain bike trip yesterday, she tried to split a log with her chin. The log remained intact, and her chin developed a nice bruise, but Malisse wants a rematch, so you know she's a tough character.

We'll try to hold this event each Monday until we run out of steam. My goal is to develop new trip leaders for the AOC and have the up-and-coming folks take over in the coming weeks. If you would like to become an AOC TL, this is a perfect event for gaining some experience. I'll still attend and help out, but I hope some of you folks can take the reigns. Henrik said he would like to become a TL, so I'll be contacting him with all the information.

Thanks again for your energy and positive attitudes last night!

-John T