Sat, Jan 4 2020 - Blood Mountain & Lake Winfield Scott Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Greg Pharo, Sri, Randall Granier, Ann, Ralph Howard, Lixia, Fay, Nahid

Write Up:
This hike started with a light rain and moderate temps. Fog prevailed for the east assault to Blood. It was all boulder rock but surprisingly, we were getting some good footing! I already saw a couple of Nobo's getting a head start to Katahdin Maine ( massive pack loads). When we made it to Bird Gap the trail became much smoother all the way to Jarrard. The rain came back for its final vengeance where we retreated for lunch at the Pavilion on the lake. Soon the winds turned North and we then headed east onto Slaughter where we found hemlock forest... soft gradient trail and a cascading chorus of tributaries sounding off from Slaughter Creek. To our surprise - the sun came out with a bright cobalt blue sky. The west face of Slaughter was to our left and Blood was coming up. This time we had views! We even saw Atlanta which was a big bonus! Thanks to Ann, she pointed it out for us. This was a solid D-5 which involved some technical terrain and changes of weather. Still it was a smooth hike with no hiccups.