Sun, Jan 19 2020 - Sunday at Powers Island and Cochran Shoals (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Sherrie G, Shelley, Sue M., Zvia S, Becky D, Rocky M, Mtn Mike, Jorge S, Linda H, John B, Dr. Barbara, Marie-Felixe D-McLetchie, Judith, SallyB, Shyamala, Suzanne, Dave G

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Write Up:

I scouted out the trail yesterday to make sure I wouldn't get lost . . . and got lost. I took a different route today - - and still got lost - - several times - - only this time with 17 other people. That Interstate North section is tricky! But the group was terrific. Not a single complaint. We got back 15 minutes late (shame on me) but the hike was really nice, and we clocked in over 7 miles, taking in several nice hills.  

We started the hike with overcast skies, but the rains had stopped hours earlier and the air was clear and cool. Half way through our hike, the skies began clearing and the sun came out. We finished the hike in bright sunshine! Although we hit some muddy patches during our 2.75 hour jaunt, the trails were surprisingly good. No one slipped or fell, which is always wonderful for a trip leader to report.

I need to do more scouting in that section of Cochran Shoals. I hate to have a traiil get the best of me! ~ Joyce