Mon, Feb 17 2020 - Pine Mountain with a Swheat Reward (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Trena
Participants:Trena, Joyce T., Dan Space R, Sherrie G, Bill C, Evy, John B, Rocky M, Claudia, Doug, mike hirschmann, Pete, Jennifer W, Gary M, Linda H, Suzanne, Allan, Amy, Bunnie

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Write Up:

It was not our typical D2-Beginners Welcome hike. Instead, we ramped it up to a D3, added a half-hour for comfort, added lunch at Swheat Market & Deli, and went on a spontaneous trek to the ruins of a distillery, the location of which Allen knew and could guide us. Our group has become so much stronger that we felt everyone could handle the trek - - and everyoone did. It's always fascinating to discover new place on old trails.(Thank you, Allen! So glad we were able to join you today on this little excursion.)

After 15 minutes of hiking, the fog burned offf, and we were left wth a beautiful, sun-shiney day. We found that our jackets were way too hot once we did a little elevation.  Terrific weather for our hike!

Almost 12 of us gathered for lunch at SWheat, which was very crowded (likely due to Presidents' Day holiday).  (We had 12 but a few left because of the long wait we faced.)  Lunch was delicious as usual, with several orders of sweet potato fries shared among us.  ~  Joyce