Wed, Jul 15 2020 - Heritage Park - Thompson Park ( double the adventure )!! (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Jean, Joyce T., Agnes Hee, John B, Jennifer W, Neil, Rocky M, Ryleigh Reinhard, Bob S

Write Up:
Everyone was very good with driving directions, considering this was a new event. There was a close connection with this hike... let's say it was like a feeling of home and I had a real special group to share it with! We started the new event with Thompson first - loops , bush whacking, clockwise, counter clockwise and re - stepping trails. Couldn't fool this group, they already pick up my trail route. Soon as the gig was up, we did a road hike to Heritage. Had a nice break at the Pavilion with bathrooms and a deck sitting over the marsh. Soon as the train blew its horn, we took North for our next adventure! We viewed several of the old Mills along with the covered bridge in with the Water Falls. Joyce and I observed a Pileated wood Pecker and the group spotted a Blue Heron fishing in Nickajack Creek. FUN DAY!!