Sat, Jul 25 2020 - AT Hike: Byron Reece trail to Cowrock Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chuck R
Participants:Chuck R, Christa, Marty E, Laura Sensenig, Silvia B, Bruce, Gary Hubert

Write Up:
DON'T STEP ON THAT RATTLE SNAKE!!! Let's get to that later. Starting out the morning with the group taking the last few parking spots at the Byron Hubert Reece lot and this was before 8:00 am - there were out of state tags from all over the country even Alaska? Cowrock is a good hike for folks transitioning from a D4 into a D5. The backside of Levelland Mountain can have its moments but most of the trail is enjoyable. We were very mindful of hydration and snack breaks throughout the hike. We passed up some flat landers who were trying to adjust to the climbs... yes from Florida and yes again - Boy Scouts. They packed like a Sherpa and the Scout Master was glued to the map. Cowrock had some commanding views from Wildcat on to Blood Mountain, Slaughter and Coosa Bald. Stopped over at Wolf Laurel Top Mountain where I shared with the group my overnight Bear encounter story. Christa and Laura are really proving some good hiking skills. It was nice to see Gary Hubert and Bruce B on the trail with us. The solo drive home was a little better thanks to Dairy Queen! OMG.... yes about the Rattle Snake! All day long each of us was spotting snakes on the trail - non poisonous. Well there is one Snake you really don't want to meet up with and that's Mr Rattlers. Bruce took point as we climbed up Levelland Mountain and I was behind him. Yep he did it... stepped on his head, I totally witnessed it. If I would had taken one more step myself - I would've been next. This snake was ready as he already got a headache from the first hiker. No Rattle, we came upon him in a totally surprise moment ( Snake too)! He had the trail blocked and would not budge. I had concerns for the rear as they were several minutes behind. So I switched from a trail blazer to a Snake handler; one of the many uses of a trekking pole. Tossed him far away from the trail! We all ended the hike at Neel Gap with a drink and plenty of laughs under the famous boot tree.