Sat, Aug 15 2020 - Kennesaw Mountain 17 miler with one mountain pass (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Leigh B, Tricia S.
Participants:Leigh B, Tricia S., Ann, Ryan, Horhay, Jenny, Steve T, Henley, Luke Warren

Write Up:

We had a lot of fun on this early hike. Our group was chatty and positive even with a 7 am start. For the hardest 6 mile beginning section of the hike we had humid and misty weather but not unbearably hot. We saw Chuck R on the mountain who cheered us on. After a break at Burnt Hickory, the haze lifted and we kept a very fast pace and pushed on to mile 14 until we had lunch. We had this quick lunch break at the Illinois monument and carried on to finish 50 minutes early. We dodged the rain (and boy did it rain later). Lots of chatting and laughter on this long-haul hike. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning (well - 40 minutes of the afternoon too).