Sun, Aug 30 2020 - Garland Mountain, Southwest Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Richard A. Zalik
Participants:Richard A. Zalik, Joyce T., Marianna, Cristi, Mark W, cindy h, Jan T, Linda P, Greg Walling, Alice G

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Write Up:

Richard took our group through the familiar trails to the newest section of trail (heretofore not seen on our AOC hikes). We were rewarded by a beautiful view down the Pipeline.

The trails belonged to us for most of the morning, with neither horses not hikers anywhere to be found. Only during our lunch break did we see any horses, and hikers were few and far between.

The weather cooperated, though the temperature and humidity were both high. Recent rains promoted the growth of lots of pretty mushrooms! ~ Joyce