Wed, Dec 30 2020 - Cherokee Trail Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Oscar
Participants:Oscar, Sara K, Jean, Joyce T., Cathy

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Write Up:

Oscar warmed us up right off the bat by taking us up the mountain and a little ways past the cut-off for the Cherokee Trail before turning around and then catching the white blazes across the mountain. We had some difficulty maneuvering the stretch on the mountain due to wet patches on the granite, but once we got down to and across the railroad tracks, the trekking was much better. 

The sun never fully showed itself during our hike, but we were soon sufficiently warm enough to shed a layer once we got off the slick granite and onto the wooded trail. 

Our group dwindled to five, but we enjoyed lots of friendly conversation throughout the hike. We welcomed Sara into the AOC, happy to be sharing her first event with her! ~ Joyce