Sun, Feb 21 2021 - Vickery Creek Quick(ER) Step v6 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Horhay
Participants:Horhay, William Schuelke, AmyEvans, itamar

Write Up:

We welcomed Itamar to the club today...welcome! We'll work on better GPS locations for future events, but glad you made it!  It was my pleasure to host another VCQS as we cruised thru a sunny & busy trail network. STRAVA data showed that Amy had 14 personal achievements today with a half dozen of them being PR's...way to go AMY! We know you'll smash that 26.2 you're doing next weekend. Good Luck! Looking forward to more QuickSteps as the days get longer and we can do them during the week...c'mon warmer weather :) c-yall back out there run next sunday - but look for my FULL MOON event in its place