Sun, Aug 1 2004 - Four waterfalls around Lakes Rabun and Seed with swimming and grilling at Lake Seed Recreation Area (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Caitlin Stark, James L. Kuro, Udo Licht, Tim Lewis, Angela, Heather Langway, Karen Gennuso, , Melissa Bundy, Kaila S. Walker, Quentin Jordan, Shawndra Williams, Chris Williams, Kami Presson, Sharon Baldwin, , Steve Henderson, Eve, Kang Wang, Michelle Gasperec, Bruce

Write Up:
After deciding we had lost eight off of the original twenty signees, with several additions; and wishing I would have invited all on the waiting list; we left for the trailhead at about ten ‘til 9. With a weather forecast that showed a likelihood of rain later in the day (3 or after), it was important to get to the Lake Seed recreation area as early as possible. We arrived after twisting around the narrow paved road around Lake Rabun, at the road across the Tallulah River, and traveled uphill and inland to the Lake Seed recreation area; arriving around 10:30. We got the last several parking spaces; and Michael, who arrived ahead of me was good enough to claim the two picnic tables close together with grills for our group.

After hiking one group of two up to Bad Branch Falls nearby, several of us including the fearless leader dipped our heads under the cool, but not frigid waters of Bad Branch Falls. Then we walked back, and Michael volunteered to become the grillmaster (Thank you Michael), as I walked the second group up to Bad Branch Falls and back again after several minutes.

The weather, besides brief and light sprinkles kindly held off breaking loose, and we all enjoyed grilled food of many varieties-mostly wienular (hotdogish) in nature. Several brought food to share; and thanks to all (included brownies, grapes and lovely fruits provided by Christa, chips by Mr.Lay-Jim Kuro; apple newtons, Low Carb whole wheat buns, tubesteaks by fearless leader and Udo). Everyone had a good time talking, especially the loquacious one, throwing a donut frisbee provided by Steve; and later, foot dipping and dunking at Crow Creek Falls. On the walk up the road to Crow Creek Falls; yours truly was directionally challenged, fooled by a running stream seen from the road; and we all spent a bushwhacking quarter mile walking down the wrong path. Deciding that this was way to obstructed and land not lying right for Crow Creek; I turned the group around, after asking if they still loved me, and we made our way out and up the road ‘a piece’ to the correct road into Crow Creek Falls. After walking down to Crow Creek from the Forest Service Road, most of us joined in dipping our feet, more camaraderie. Many, including Udo one of the original waterbabies – myself included, Michael, Melissa, Caitlin, Angela Nelson, Angela Joseph , Boris and others walked up and dunked in various amounts and intensities under the cold waters of Crow Creek Falls. This represented our swim for the day, as none were too attracted to the tiny beach, families with children trying to drown their young puppies and scummier looking waters of Lake Seed, earlier.

After returning, and losing several to an early return to the city; the rest of us traveled down the hill, across the dam road, and south on Lake Rabun road to Campground#2, to our second trailhead to two waterfalls, Panther and Angel Falls; both on Joe Branch creek. The hike up was a good but short moderate hike, and we rested and took pictures at Panther Creek, before walking up to the wispy, delicate, appropriately named Angel Falls. Udo climbed it, and Tim, Michael and myself waterfall-dunked after very little encouragement in the hotter later afternoon and after the uphill workout; as the rest of the group watched the water babies dunk and play while re-hydrating

After the walk down, and arriving at our vehicles, around 4pm, it finally decided to rain; perfect timing as most of us were already re-dressed in dry clothes and safely in our cars.

Having agreed to eat dinner back in the big city, close to the park and ride; as many of us had worked up appetites, as we had worked off our lunch from several hours earlier. Back at the park and ride, due to getting split by the changing light cycle; we all got split up, went different ways to make a long story short; we unfortunately had our second dislocation event of the day. So, only three of us ended up having dinner together; the loquacious one, myself and the grillmaster. WE three ravenously devoured our dinners with little encouragement from a poorly trained waiter.

So I must use this e-mail event description to thank all in the group for another great day and event, and am so sorry we became separated in the end and missed good-byes. Thank you for sharing the day, events and beautiful places with me; and thank the good Lord for the weather which added to our enjoyment-overcast with patches of sun; and rain graciously holding off until the end of the day.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Tim Lewis