Sat, Aug 28 2021 - Tallulah Gorge North & South Rim + Hurricane Falls Trails (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike C
Participants:Mike C, Mark W, Jack D., Maithy, Catherine P, Tom, Michael, johnrupt

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Write Up:

It is still August in Georgia. Going up the steps on south side of the gorge you could feel the humidity. It was bad. We were able to see Hurricane Falls and Oceana Falls. Tempesta Falls and Devil’s Pulpit were obscured due to vegetation as were several other points. The Park’s Map states that the North and South Rim Trails are 3 miles, and the Hurricane Falls Trail is 2 miles. What it does not state or clearly show is that the Hurricane Falls Trial is included in this Loop. The Hurricane Falls Trial connects the North and South Rim Trails. Thus, the hike was a bit shorter than planned. Everyone still had a good time and I had forgotten what it was like going down 531 steps than back up 568 steps. The 1099 steps on the park’s website. These are not my best pictures – off day. Facebook is still showing a problem with posting videos and says they are working on it.

I would like to thank Catherine and Ann joining us on their first AOC event.