Sat, Mar 12 2022 - Late Saturday Morning at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., SusanF, Michelle D, Barry, Sue M., Dan C, Richard S.

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Write Up:

First, the weather was no problem on our hike! The overcast skies quickly gave way to bright sunshine and blue skies. We were dressed warmly enough so that as the sun came out our layers came off. We heard wind blowing in the tops of the trees, but the wind was not a problem at ground level. We were so lucky.

Now, to the mitzvah, which is a Jewish word for "good deed." About 45 minutes into our hike, we heard a man, far off, shouting out a name. We couldn't make out the name, but we kept hearing his voice as we travelled through the park. Eventually, we caught sight of him, and heard him cry out every so often. We put on a little speed and caught up with him and learned that he was shouting, "Beasley," the name of his German Shepherd that had run off during their hike. (A good lesson for why dogs should be kept on leash when it's the law!) Michelle got the man's phone number, and I asked his name (Sam) and the name of his lost dog (Beasley). Since our hike today was somewhat casual and "freeform," Michelle and I both felt that we really wanted to try to find Beasley. After all, who knows the trails at Island Ford better than our AOC members? We took to the ridge trail and eventually found Beasley who was in the hands of some hikers from Dr. Barbara's SOA hike! They saw that the German Shepherd didn't have anyone with him, so they were holding him, deciding what to do. Dan C. cleverly removed his belt and fastened it to Beasley's collar and we had a leash! Michelle phoned Sam to tell him we had Beasley, and we determined where to get to him to return Beasley. Michelle took the belt leash, and Beasley gladly walked with us until we got to Sam. Sam was so grateful to us for finding Beasley - - and we were all so happy to have helped a stranger in need. It was a true Mitzvah for our group. ~ Joyce