Sat, Aug 6 2022 - Little River Kayaking to the Falls - RESCHEDULED (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lisbelle C, Doug N
Participants:Lisbelle C, Doug N, Robin, Aaron

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Write Up:

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip
that started at a river dock aboard our tiny ships.

The mate was a mighty paddling woman the TL brave and sure.
Four paddlers set sail that day for a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

OK, maybe one day I'll finish my Weird Al version of that, but for now that's all I got.

We were able to welcome a new member to the club.  Aaron was a bit late but did some hard paddling to catch up.  We also welcomed back Robin who is a long time club member but hasn't been active lately.  Hopefully she will come back out to play more.

The weather was in our favor and the cloud cover kept us fairly cool considering it's still August.  Unfortunately the heavy rain last night made for some messy waters, but other than that it was a nice trip.  We kept a steady moderate pace and covered just under 6 miles in just under 3 hours.  We saw several blue herons and some what I am now convinced were snowy egrets after looking them up.  The white ones we saw definitely had black legs.

Thanks again to Lisbelle for making my third TL training event possible.