Mon, Nov 21 2022 - Monday Morning at Powers Island and Cochran Shoals (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Andrea B, Allan, George B, Drew W, Trevor W, Dolores H, Mike C, Lyn S, Gary 'L', Harley, Mark, Laura M, Suzi W, Gaby F

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Write Up:

Today's group was very diverse, in that none of the members knew all of the other members, giving us a chance to make some new friends . . . which I think we did quite successfully throughout our 6 mile jaunt through the loop at Powers Island, a hike through Cochran Shoals, and a final trek around Powers Island itself, which gave us a chance to take some fun photos in a hollow tree trunk, thanks to Gary's reminder. Gary also spotted a Great Blue Heron on a rock in the river, giving us an opportunity to stop for another group photo on the overlook deck.

It was a great morning to hike, with our bodies warming up quickly despite the temperature in the low 40's when we started. It was good to do the Powers Island loop trail first so that we could shed layers when we returned to the parking lot, enabling us to drop jackets in our cars before crossing the bridge to Cochran Shoals.

There was heavy leaf cover on the trails, making footing very precarious, which is why this hike is not recommended for beginners. I am always impressed that our veteran hikers can maneuver the trails so well despite challenges like invisible roots and rocks under the leaves. We didn't have a single mishap this morning! (No Drew-Boos!)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this comingThursday. We have a lot to be thankful for . . . especially the AOC! ~ Joyce