Mon, Jan 9 2023 - Chattahoochee Kayaking - Everglades WW Prep (All Welcome) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mark
Participants:Mark, Lisbelle C, Tim W, Nick Chapman, Tanya H

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Write Up:

We had a variety of kayaks including a couple of ruddered kayaks and a whitewater playboat. We set a relaxing pace with a small group while enjoying the conversation. Three of us, Mark, Nick, and Tim are signed up for the Everglades Wilderness Waterway trip. This outing allowed us to meet and to get to know each other better before setting out through the Everglades together on a 7-day camping trip. Lisbelle and Tanya rounded out the group. Lisbelle tried out a new (used) kayak for the first time while also trying out a pretty cool kayak Thule roof rack that folds down the side of the car to make it easy to lift the kayak.

We could play around without worrying about river traffic having finished just in time to avoid the rowing teams.