Wed, Feb 22 2023 - No Excuses: Easy Wednesday Morning Hike at Big Trees Forest Preserve (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Rocky M, Claudia, Shirley W, Lee W, Sangeeta, David DeLorme, Nancy Perry, Vickie, Gloria Colley, Karen, Rebecca F

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Write Up:

The overcast skies opened up early into our hike, giving us sunshine and clean air. The trails here were in excellent shape, and we enjoyed our leisurely trek back and forth through the park. We had several newbies with fewer than 5 hikes - - Nancy, Vickie, and Sangeeta - - which is always nice on hikes. New members are our lifeblood!

It was really enjoyable to move at a leisurely pace today, stopping to see things and just enjoying being outside.

Thanks to Lee for the photos he added to the album. Unfortunately, his RELIVE video couldn't be posted. It would have been an interesting route to follow! ~ Joyce