Sun, Feb 13 2005 - Details posted! Wolfden Loop Day Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Don Hayes
Participants:Michael Aubertine, Emily Culpepper, , David Weider, Patricia Burell, Marla Hopkins, Bruce, Linda Hoopes, Heather Gatcombe, Steve DeMarle, d merat, Rebecca Portman, Andrew Goldberger, Kiran Puttaswamy, Don Hayes

Write Up:
On this pre-Valentine Day outing, there were no major difficulties in getting everyone together. Due to some last minute cancellations, we ended up having 10 participants. It was nice to meet new friends and get caught up on the happenings with others. This was the first AOC hike for 4 participants and I hope to see them and everyone else on future outings. The drive up had some overcast skies, but we were all hopeful and focused on the 80% chance of no rain for the weekend.

We started at the TV tower trail head and started our hike. We came across many other individuals enjoying the pleasant conditions. Everyone graciously took a turn at leading portions of the hike, but it seemed we were always trying to keep up with one of the participants who seemed to have extra energy to spare. This helped us go along at a quicker pace than most of the other hikes Ive been on. Nonetheless, we tried to take our time by taking several breaks as we headed up and down several small hills and valleys. We saw some great views, played some thought games, took some pictures, and just enjoyed being outdoors and getting to know others in the group. We had a wonderful lunch break at a waterfall, reportedly a favorite spot of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, before heading back to our cars and reality.

Some of us wanted to delay reality a bit longer so we stopped at the Purple Cow for coffee, tea, ice cream, and learned that there is no wine tasting on Sundays. We discussed plans for some future trips and enjoyed the day and each others company a little more before departing energized and looking forward to future trips.
Written By: Don Hayes
Photos From: Susumu Komatsu