Sat, Feb 26 2005 - RESCHEDULED!!! Vinyard Mountain Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bruce
Participants:Michael Aubertine, clare berry, Keith Canseco, Amanda Stone, Emily Boness, Christine Walker, Lauren Jeffrey, Sandra Schlosser, Linda Hoopes, Josh Spier, George David Nunnally, Kyle D. Barrow, Sumi Dan, Priya Krishnamoorthy, John Robertson, Amy Bram, Dan Derby, Udo Licht, Bruce

Write Up:
After one cancellation 2 no shows, and two late comers (discovered on answering machine after hike) we were off with a pretty healthy size group of sixteen people- a good show up ratio. The days weather started out only slightly cool, but warmed up nicely by the time we had taken our short drive to the trailhead. Vinyard Mountain starts out with a generous uphill climb, which some felt on the way up. We stopped for a couple of OK overlooks of the dam, but I promised better, closer views later in the hike. After we wearied ourselves in the climb up to the apex of Vinyard Mountain (an elevation gain of at least 650’), we took a short talking, water break. This was a very social crowd, and I was happy to hear them chattering to each other all day; and to share a bit in the same, myself. I was much happier, however, that having used my new inhaler, gotten from the doctor early this week, that it helped me to breathe much easier; very noticeably on the climb up and the entire day-had much more energy with deeper breathing it allowed.

When we got to the approximate 4.5 mile turnaround point, I felt like I hadnt walked enough; and heard comments from several earlier they wanted more of a walk; so everybody but one excepted the idea of walking a good bit further to extend the hike. So we walked up and down and around the rolling trail at the base of the mountain, until we found a good pine needle bed for a lunch, talking break. We all socialized for a good bit, before returning on the yellow trail to the remainder of the trail which provided good to outstanding close-up views of the Lake Allatoona Dam; which Mike and a few others took many good shots of. Then we all walked the short distance around the rocky mountain to return to our cars on the blue trail down the mountain. The hike probably ended up being five to five and a half miles total with the extension, and it ended up being a great day weatherwise and a decent workout.

Back at the cars, we all drove back to the park and ride. Many went home, leaving eight of us to go to Los Reyes dark themed-hard to read the menu restaurant. We all chatted after reading the menu with the magic power wand (dim light sticks at each table) before ordering, consuming tons of chips and salsa before the food arrived. We talked more about hiking stuff and other subjects; decided the dim lighting was to hide bugs and other things in the food; but it all tasted good and went down easy enough. Thanks to another great social group for a good day hiking and comraderie.
Written By: Bruce Aldridge
Photos From: Bruce Aldridge