Sun, May 8 2005 - Intown Hiking with Fido (aka: Dawgs) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Amy Rampley, Tracy Dawson, Shari Shanklin, John Robertson, Denice Fischer, Michael H. Cook, Jenn Smithyman, Kristen Allegood, Patricia Morelli , Carol Campbell, William Magbee, carole alverson, Padmesh, paul siegel, Jennifer Howle, Ben Taratoot, Sharon OFlaherty, Kisha Lashley, Christi Leftwich, Tricia Browne, Tricia Browne,

Write Up:
What a beautiful mothers day hike at Chattahoochee River. My second dog friendly hike, we had 4 firendly and well behaved dogs and 14 hikers at Cochran Shoals. Beautiful blue skies, deep green color of the leaves, even the shadow had green tints, looks like spring is over, the nature is getting ready for summer (although there were some wildflowers on the trail... The Chattahoochee River was unique, the water was alot cleaner than usual, we could see the bottom of the river. We started hiking through the nature watch area, the park has finished repairing the board walks, and had fresh coat of paint, we got to see an interesting swampy area with standing water... then we came to where 2 large tree had fallen on each other, we had a little fun going through those trees. The hike was mainly under a very green tree away from the harsh hot sun. After the Nature watch area, we briefly hiked along the jogging trail, then back into the woods, when we finshed hiking along a rocky terrain, we stopped for a brief break, the dogs had there share of the fun in the creek, when we reached Syblee pond, it was very nice, the water was calm and clear, several people fishing, and some others picnicing around the pond, we found a shady spot to have our lunch, the dogs got take a swim in the pond. After lunch we head toward the paper mill ruins, the ruin is amazingly intact in many places, many of us had a chance to take some pictures of the ruin and also the rock formation and the waterfalls of Soap Creek. We had some adventure, some excitement, mystery and new friendship... We all had a good time. After the hike some of us went to Mellow Mushroom just up the street, for some hoagies and calzones. Well I hope everyone had a great Mothers day. See you soon on the future hikes. Susumu
Written By: Susumu Komatsu
Photos From: Susumu Komatsu