Sun, Jun 5 2005 - Hiking Beech Creek Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Don Norton (Chicken Feathers)
Participants:Drew Hilton, Emily Harpe, Udo Licht, Kelly Licht, Val H, d merat, David Weider, Kristen Allegood, Don Norton (Chicken Feathers)

Write Up:
We had a great turnout there were 8 hikers. They were Udo Licht, Kelly Monahan, Drew Hilton, Emily Harpe, Kristen Allegood, Johannes Blevel, Dean Merat, and Don Norton We meet at the Indian Trail Park and Ride at 7:45 and left at 8:00. We meet several people at the trail head and started our hike about 10:15. It was a hard hike the first half the elevation gain was 2350 to 5000 feet by the time we stopped for lunch. There were 5 hikers that hiked up to Chimney Rock and Dean Merat is not the only one to make it to the summit. Udo, Kelly, Johannes also made it to the top but your leader Don Chickened out about half way up, maybe next time. After we viewed the sites from Chimney Rock and what a view we returned to the main trail. We then hiked about one more hour and went up to Big Scaly Mountain, but the rhododendrons were so thick that the great views were not to be seen .After lunch we hiked for about a hour to High Falls this is a waterfall that everyone needs to see it drops for about 100 feet. From there we continued down the trail and saw several rock slides from a previous storm. The trail at that point was in good shape. We crossed the creek several times without anyone falling in. At the end so we would not forget there was a big elevation gain at the start, we had a short up hill climb and then a short downhill to the dirt road where we had to hike back to our cars (about 1 mile) and after changing back in to our street shoes we went back to Clayton and the local Dairy Queen for a Ice Cream Treat and then the long drive back to Atlanta. If you missed this hike you missed a great hike just asks the attendees. See you on the trail next month.
Written By: Don Norton
Photos From: None provided