Fri, Feb 25 2011 - Bushwhack Sweetwater! Part I: West Side of Sweetwater Creek (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham, Ryan Graham, Richard A. Zalik
Participants:Ryan Graham, Charlie Cottingham, Richard A. Zalik, Mark, nita pozar, Sarang Tipre, james HARRINGTON, Bobby Fellows

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Write Up:
As anyone out hiking yesterday can attest, the weather was perfect for some outdoor fun! The hike started off at a little known gravel road, heading north into Sweetwater Park. After only a few minutes on the trail, the group veered off trail following a small creak up to a hidden pond. Once at the pond, one of the group members mentioned "The Top of the World", this is one of the highest spots west of Atlanta. The group arrived at The Top of the World, and were treated to a wonderful view of Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson, and even (what we believed to be) Stone Mountain. At this high point, the sun was warm and the breeze was cool! To taking advantage a perfect situation, the group decided this spot was a perfect place for a short break.

Other points of interest were the marsh lands leading into Jack's lake, Jack's Lake, and the waterfall from the lake. Once in Sweetwater Park the hike reverted to the trail system to the river rapids and falls. Nearing the rapids the hikers ventured off trail opting instead for rock hopping and climbing around the falls. The morning showers, earlier before the hike, allowed for a wonderful display at the falls.

Much thanks for the Co-leaders and the easy-going high spirits of the group!

The numbers:
Total miles walked - 10.3
Moving Mph - 2.7 Mph
Total Elevation Gain - 1300 ft
Number of tired feet - 16